Japan, Three Mile Island and the Incest Connection

Ten days ago, the 9.0 earthquake and 30 ft. tsunami wracked Japan and triggered partial nuclear meltdowns and radiation releases at two nuclear reactors at the  Fukashima Daiichi power plant.

Why is this important on this incest survivor’s blog?  Because incest is defined as “a crime of power over a child that takes a sexual form and is performed by someone in a position of authority over that child.”  The release of nuclear energy is a genuine “crime of power,” it is committed on the bodies of children, adults and other living things, supported by the authority of government and big business.  In other words, looked at from the perspective of an incest survivor, radiation is a form of incest.

I take all this personally because I was one mile from the nuclear accident at Three Mile Island when that nuclear reactor malfunctioned.  The full story is detailed in my two YouTube videos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4yHXCTgkn0c and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fK9dnrkEpTM&feature=related.  I won’t go into details here.

I was unaware of the incest/Three Mile Island connection in my psyche until six years after the event.  At a rage release retreat for women incest survivors, I beat on a phone book with a rubber hose while screaming at an absent perpetrator.  Suddenly, my focus shifted to Three Mile Island – and I kept screaming. It all felt the same.  A perp is a perp, even in governmental guise.  My body was assaulted by radiation, stress and post-traumatic stress without my permission.  Neither the government, Babcock & Wilcox – the company that built the reactors, the state of Pennsylvania, nor the Nuclear Regulatory Commission ever acknowledged what they did, let alone apologized for it, and they sure as hell never even mentioned potassium iodide.

Ain’t that just like a perp?

Only after my rage released passed did I see how I’d been living in daily fear, convinced my life was shortened, my body damaged, my future diminished.  This awareness changed my life: I could finally name all my perpetrators, which allowed me tono longer fear them.  My life crept back towards a shaky version of “normal.” When Chernobyl happened, I ignored its daily details, the horror expressed by my friends and associates.  I’d already lived it through, only from a front row center seat.  I wasn’t ready for the reminder.

With this latest nuclear disaster, I have paid very close attention to the event as well as the response of the population and the government.  There was the reasonable spike of fear in the populace… and then the “managers” came in to convince us that it’s nothing, just a little blip on the other side of the ocean, nothing to do with us in the US, blah blah blah.

The danger is that disinformation and distraction may take our eyes off this particular ball.  We as a population have a short attention span.  The new war in Libya (oy!) has already knocked Japan out of the top headlines.  As we move away from the horror of the initial events and into the more mundane ongoing story of “you mean it’s still leaking???” amid negative economic forecasts, the perps have been busy discounting American fears about radiation and nuclear energy.  “We need the power!”  “We’re safe; Japan was a fluke.”  And my favorite disinformation piece: “Radiation exposure is good for you and prevents cancer!”  Just like a perp saying, “I was sexually initiating you; you should be thankful!”  (I invite that blond sociopathic disinformation specialist for all things right of right wing to take her  skinny butt to northeastern Japan to get a “nice, healthy” radiation-based tan.)

Here’s the point for our attention deficit disorder culture:  there are long term effects created by exposure to low levels of radiation.  Leukemia shows up in 5-7 years, hard tumors in 12-15 years.  How like sexual abuse this is, that the assault happens and then it takes years before the effects surface, create problems, and maybe only then are connected to the initiating event. Less often recognized are the effects of the stress, the sense of vulnerability, the doubting of one’s own body.  Wait — am I talking about the incest or Three Mile Island?  Alas, it’s both.

When I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue 18 months ago, one diagnostic question hit me in my gut: “When is the last time you can remember feeling completely well?”  My answer?  More than 30 years ago… right before Three Mile Island.  Adrenal fatigue/exhaustion is caused by cumulative stress, often initiated by a major emotional blow.  I lived with incest buried in amnesia and managed to have a pretty energetic life until the additional stress of Three Mile Island knocked me over an edge.  I’ve never recovered, and I’ll never know how much life I did not live because I was too tired to live it.  Thus my initial suspicions about the effects of Three Mile Island proved true.

We’re all at risk.  Earth is a closed system, a rock in a bubble in the middle of space.  The radiation plume may not make it to American shores, but that radiation has to go somewhere.  It falls into the ocean where plankton absorb it, then krill feeds on plankton, small fish on krill, big fish on small fish — and who eats the big fish?  Us.  Or radiation falls into the soil, gets taken up by grass, eaten by cows, concentrated in dairy — you get the picture.  Yes, all of it eventually degrades into harmless compounds, but no one is mentioning how long it will take for the various forms of radiation that Fukushima Daiichi has been leaking.

Then there are the fuel rods.  The half-life (meaning how long it takes the radiation to decay by half) of the spent fuel rods has been estimated to be as long as 24,000 years.  That’s 24,000 years.  We have no plans in existence for eliminating the menace of these toxic time bombs.  They are merely warehoused (as in Japan) or proposed to be buried under currently-obscure mountains in the western US.  Do we honestly think we have the wits or knowledge to safely contain that crap for even a fraction of that time?  Do we believe that the earth will never quake, tectonic plates shift, containment materials erode?  The containment structure built around Chernobyl is already cracking and that’s only been 25 years.  Are we as a species mad, stupid, or merely self-destructive?

Crimes of power over the body by someone or something that has authority over us.  Incest.  Nuclear energy.

Pay attention.  Please.

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5 Responses to “Japan, Three Mile Island and the Incest Connection”

  1. Kenneth Rufo Says:

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  2. Stormy Obermoeller Says:

    Are you for real? Damn, yes you are, this should be required reading. with your permission, I will make that happen.

  3. auto-ru Says:

    Thanks – where is article source?

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